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    It Sounds Like OPEC Just Cried Uncle

    You’ve probably heard by now that, in an effort to lift oil prices, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) tentatively agreed to a production cut at its meeting in Algiers last week. The...

    Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter of ‘Hallelujah,’ dead at 82

    Leonard Cohen, a singer-songwriter whose literary sensibility and elegant dissections of desire made him one of popular music’s most influential and admired figures for four decades, has died. He was 82. Leonard Cohen,...

    The Door-To-Door Grind to Lift Latino Voter Turnout

    LAS VEGAS -- In her quest to boost the population of Latino voters, Arely Chaparro has ventured down seedy crime-plagued streets with a taser in her satchel, withstood doors slamming in her face and...

    These barbers are giving low-income Vancouverites more than just haircuts

    THINGS THAT WORK Josh Malcolm, middle, of the Street Thug Barbers cuts Michele Routhier’s hair in December. A trip to the barber is a chance to interact with someone on a personal and intimate...

    E-Cig Alarmists Are Ignoring How Helpful The Devices Are To Quit Smoking

    A vaper exhales a puff. Copyright: Rommel Canlas/ Health officials in Tennessee echoed the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Monday warning that electronic cigarettes are dangerous, ignoring evidence showing they help smokers...

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