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    How Crowdfunding Can Supercharge Your Campaign In 2016

    Shutterstock They say that there are about 7.45 billion people living in this world right now. Imagine that if you could get each of these seven-and-a-half billion people to contribute one cent to your...

    Hero risked his own life to save 73-year-old woman trapped in her burning car

    Heroic driver Will Edwards, who didn't hesitate to save the life of Anne Wade Trapped in her car with flames licking at the windscreen and smoke pouring through the dashboard, pensioner Anne Wade thought...

    Trump the bully menaces over Clinton with imposing presence and wild insults

    Donald Trump stands behind Hillary Clinton as she answers a question at the presidential town hall in St Louis on Sunday. Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters Of all the lies that Donald Trump has told, this...

    From creepy costumes to pimped pumpkins, 5 Halloween hacks every parent needs to know

    Make the most of Halloween this year with these time-saving tricks and treats Ghoulish masks and pumpkins in the supermarket mean one thing: Halloween is here again. But if you’ve left it until the...

    Fantasy Football Week 8: Top 100 Players’ Updated Trade Value and Advice

    Listen, guys and gals, I've been wheeling and dealing since elementary school. Back then, I was trying to get some Dunkaroos or Fruit by the Foot from one of my friends for a super...

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